1964’s Biggest Canadian Hits

CMB med1964 was the year in which RPM magazine debuted and began publishing nationwide music charts. The first Canadian Top Singles chart available is from June 22, so we do not have a list of the most popular singles for the entire year. It is difficult for the more obscure artists from the period to determine, due to a lack of online information, whether or not they were Canadians. We have only included artists for which we have received confirmation that they were. Lorne Greene scored the only Canadian #1 hit during the latter half of 1964, a country and western spoken word piece entitled “Ringo”.

Below is a list of all Canadian Top 40 hits from 1964 with their peak chart position. Bear in mind, that this is a picture of cross-Canada success. Songs may have charted much higher or lower in various cities as radio stations usually give local artists more support. Below the lists, check out some cool trivia regarding the year’s hits.

WP = Weekly chart peak position.

1964 HITS

Ringo Lorne Greene 1
Unless You Care Terry Black 2
We’ll Sing in the Sunshine Gale Garnett 2
As Long As I’m Sure of You Bobby Curtola 11
Blue Souvenirs Danny Harrison 16
Larry The Allan Sisters 23
Las Vegas Scene Wes Dakus 23
Come Home Little Girl Bobby Curtola 25
Lovin’ Place Gale Garnett 35


1964 Trivia


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