1965’s Biggest Canadian Hits

CMB med1965 was the first full year that Canada had nationwide weekly singles charts thanks to RPM magazine. What is most surprising is that, in the midst of the British Invasion, there were over 50 Top 40 hits by Canadian artists through the year. Two of these made it to #1: The Guess Who’s “Shakin’ All Over” and “You Really Got a Hold On Me” by Little Caesar and the Consuls, both of which were covers. The year saw the first Canadian Franco song make the nationwide Top 40—Michel Louvain’s “C’est un secret”. Note that The Staccatos were the embryonic form of The Five Man Electrical Band and The Sparrows of Steppenwolf. Below is a list of all Canadian Top 40 hits for the year with their peak chart position. Bear in mind, that this is a picture of cross-Canada success. Songs may have charted much higher or lower in various cities as radio stations usually give local artists more support. Below the list, check out some trivia on the year’s hit artists.

WP = Weekly chart peak position.

1965 HITS

Shakin’ All Over The Guess Who 1
You Really Got a Hold On Me Little Caesar and the Consuls 1
Makin’ Love Bobby Curtola 2
If You Don’t Want My Love Jack London and the Sparrows 3
Walk That Walk David Clayton Thomas 3
Mean Woman Blues Bobby Curtola 3
Tossin’ and Turnin’ The Guess Who 3
Walkin with My Angel Bobby Curtola 3
Sloopy Little Caesar and the Consuls 3
Hey Ho The Guess Who 3
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues Gordon Lightfoot 3
It Was I Big Town Boys 5
Poor Little Fool Terry Black 6
Our Love Is Passed Jack London and the Sparrows 7
So Many Other Boys The Esquires 9
It’s About Time Bobby Curtola 9
Hobo Wes Dakus 9
A Million Tears Ago Johnny and the Canadians 9
Little Liar Terry Black 10
Take the First Train Home Dee and the Yeomen 10
Forget Her Bobby Curtola 10
Baby Ruth The Butterfingers 11
Alone and Lonely Bobby Curtola 11
Give Me Lovin’ The Great Scots 11
Ain’t Love a Funny Thing Robbie Lane and the Disciples 12
I’m Not Sayin’ Gordon Lightfoot 12
It’s All Right with Me Now Barry Allen 12
Remember the Face The Allan Sisters 13
Hard Times with the Law The Sparrows 13
Put You Down Big Town Boys 14
Easy Come, Easy Go Barry Allen 14
Only Sixteen Terry Black 14
C’est un secret Michel Louvain 14
Won’t Be a Lonely Summer Dianne Leigh 16
He Belongs to Yesterday Pat Hervey 18
Must I Tell You Liverpool Set 18
I’ll Be the Boy Jack London and the Sparrows 19
Love’s Made a Fool of You The Esquires 19
Don’t Ask Me to Be True J.B. and the Playboys 20
Small Town Girl The Staccatos 20
Say It Again Terry Black 24
Move to California The Staccatos 26
Because You’re Gone The Nocturnals 28
Think About Me Pat Hervey 31
Out of the Sunshine David Clayton Thomas 31
Ringo Deer Garry Ferrier 33
Leaning on the Lamp Post The Bradfords 33
One Good Reason Ritchie Knight and the Midnights 33
I Can’t Live Without You Joe Popiel 35
Till We Kissed The Guess Who 36
Sandy Robbie Lane and the Disciples 36
Weepin’ Willow Tree Ray Griff 39
Cry is All I Do The Esquires 39


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