1967’s Biggest Canadian Hits

CMB medThe biggest song of 1967 in Canada was “The Letter” by The Box Tops. This was the year support of Canadian music took a dive. While 1965 and 1966 saw 53 and 45 Top 40 Canadian hits respectively, 1967 saw only 28. Moreover, only two made the Top 10, one of which made the year-end Top 100 (the only Canadian entry). This drop in the success of Canadian music was incredibly ironic given that 1967 was Canada’s centennial anniversary as a nation. While one would assume that the year would have seen a greater embracing of Canadian music, it witnessed instead a turning away from it. Most surprising of all was that on July 1, Canada’s 100th anniversary, for the first time in chart history, not a single Canadian song was in the Top 40. Such sad phenomena in 1967 precipitated a movement in the music industry to establish CanCon/MAPL regulations which came into effect three years later.

While discussion commonly blames the British Invasion for the lack of support of Canadian music during this time, consider that the majority of 1967’s ten biggest hits were from American artists whether they performed soul music, psychedelic rock, or sunshine pop.

The top Canadian song of 1967 was “Canada” by The Young Canada Singers, the only #1 hit and only Canadian entry on the year-end Top 100 (41st of the year). It sold 270,000 copies. The song was written by Bobby Gimby (lyrics) and Ben McPeek (music) in honour of the centennial and Expo 67 and sung by a choir of children, versions recorded in both official languages.

Below is a list of all Canadian Top 40 hits for the year with their peak chart position. Bear in mind, that this is a picture of cross-Canada success. Songs may have charted much higher or lower in various cities as radio stations usually give local artists more support. Below the list, check out some cool trivia on the year’s hits and their artists.

WP = Weekly chart peak position.

1967 HITS

Canada Young Canada Singers 1
Half Past Midnight The Staccatos 8
Get On Up The Esquires 17
Gaslight The Ugly Ducklings 17
Fisherwoman The Collectors 18
His Girl The Guess Who 19
Sunny Goodge Street Tom Northcott 20
Simple Deeds The Paupers 21
Looking at a Baby The Collectors 23
Bring It Down Front The Jon-Lee Group 23
Lovin’ Sound Ian and Sylvia 24
Go Go Round Gordon Lightfoot 27
Catch the Love Parade The Staccatos 28
Somebody Help Me The British Modbeats 29
This Time Long Ago The Guess Who 30
If I Call You By Some Name The Paupers 31
Next to Nowhere M. G. and the Escorts 31
Armful of Teddybears Barry Allen 32
Jezebel Witness Inc 34
Got to Get You Into My Life The Stitch in Tyme 36
The Way I Feel Gordon Lightfoot 36
New Dawn The Stitch in Tyme 36
Flying On the Groud is Wrong The Guess Who 36
Give Me a Reason to Stay Bobby Curtola 37
It’s Not Funny Money Bobby Curtola 39
Playground Debbie Lori Kaye 40
Diamonds and Gold Willie and the Walkers 40
Canada Sugar Shoppe 40


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