1968’s Biggest Canadian Hits

CMB medThe need for CanCon / MAPL regulations was more apparent than ever in 1968. Only seven Canadian hits made the Top 40. Four of them reached the Top 10 and two made #1. Andy Kim, The Stampeders, Steppenwolf, and The Irish Rovers were the only Canadian acts able to score hits this year. Three of these hits made the year-end Top 100. The biggest Canadian hit of them all was Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild”, the song that coined the term heavy metal. It was 1968’s 14th biggest hit. The top song of 1968 in Canada was The Beatles’ “Hey Jude”. Below is a list of all Canadian Top 40 hits for the year from RPM with their peak chart position as well as the positions of those that made the year-end Top 100.

YE= Year-End chart position.

WP = Weekly chart peak position.

1968 HITS

Born to Be Wild Steppenwolf 14 1
The Unicorn The Irish Rovers 35 4
Magic Carpet Ride Steppenwolf 45 1
How’d We Ever Get This Way Andy Kim   9
Morning Magic The Stampeders   23
Shoot Em Up Baby Andy Kim   29
Whiskey On a Sunday The Irish Rovers   34


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