1971’s Biggest Canadian Hits

CMB med1971’s biggest hit in Canada was Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World”. At #2 on RPM’s year-end chart was “Sweet City Woman” by Calgary’s The Stampeders. Below is a list of all songs by Canadian artists that made RPM’s year-end Top 100 as well as all that peaked in the Top 40 of the weekly charts. Bear in mind, that this is a picture of cross-Canada success. Songs may have charted much higher or lower in various cities as radio stations usually give local artists more support. Below the lists, check out some cool trivia regarding the year’s hits.

YE= Year-End chart position.

WP = Weekly chart peak position.

1971 HITS

Sweet City Woman The Stampeders 2 1
Stay Awhile The Bells 8 1
If You Could Read My Mind Gordon Lightfoot 17 1
One Fine Morning Lighthouse 30 2
Carry Me The Stampeders 31 2
Rain Dance The Guess Who 47 3
Absolutely Right 5 Man Electrical Band 49 3
Jodie Joey Gregorash 51 3
Signs 5 Man Electrical Band 55 4
Hang on to Your Life The Guess Who 63 5
Put Your Hand in the Hand Ocean 66 10
Sing High Sing Low Anne Murray 67 4
Where Evil Grows Poppy Family 77 6
Be My Baby Andy Kim 80 6
Do the Fuddle Duddle House of Commons 86 82
Hats Off Lighthouse 88 9
It Takes Time Anne Murray 90 26
Tillicum Syrinx 96 38
Down By the River Joey Gregorash   6
Sweet Sounds of Music The Bells   7
Devil You Stampeders   8
Lonesome Mary Chilliwack   9
Oh What a Feeling Crowbar   10
Lady Dawn The Bells   11
Gotta See Jane R. Dean Taylor   12
Talk It Over In the Morning Anne Murray   12
Albert Flasher The Guess Who   13
One More Mountain to Climb Dr. Music   14
Broken The Guess Who   15
Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy Pagliaro   15
Turned 21 Fludd   16
A Stranger In My Place Anne Murray   18
Talkin’ In Your Sleep Gordon Lightfoot   19
By the Time I Get to Phoenix Anne Murray & Glen Campbell   19
For Better Or Worse The Bells   19
You’re   Gonna Miss Me Wishbone   20
Summer Side of Life Gordon Lightfoot   21
I Wish I Were Andy Kim   22
Glory Glory Smyle   23
Band Bandit Tundra   24
Life Is a Carnival The Band   25
Dickens Leigh Ashford   27
I Was Wondering Poppy Family   27
Carey Joni Mitchell   27
Southbound Train Steel River   28
Ride With Me Steppenwolf   29
Man from the City Humphrey & The Dumptrucks   30
Rosaline Russell Thornberry   34
Ain’t It a Sad Thing R. Dean Taylor   35
Sault Ste. Marie Original Caste   35
Garden of Ursh Karen Young   35
Crazy Arms Crazy Eyes Brave Belt   35
Hello Mom Mercey Bros   36
Chick-a-Boom Big Gee   37
Going to the Country Young   37
A Country Boy Named Willy Spring   38
Fast Train April Wine   38
I Been Moved Andy Kim   39
Children of the Sun Mashmakhan   40


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  1. The Russell Thornberry song, apparently, was actually spelled Roseline. At least I get more hits that way. But it seems to be very obscure these days.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. We used the same spelling as in the listing from the RPM magazine charts which may indeed by incorrect.

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