1972’s Biggest Canadian Hits

CMB medRPM’s year-end chart for 1972 does not appear at the online archives. Below is a list of all songs by Canadian artists that peaked in the Top 40 of the weekly RPM charts during 1972. There are 57 tunes in total, including 12 top ten singles, and three number ones. Bear in mind, that this is a picture of cross-Canada success. Songs may have charted much higher or lower in various cities as radio stations usually give local artists more support. Below the lists, check out some cool trivia regarding the year’s hits.

WP = Weekly chart peak position.

1972 HITS

Heart of Gold Neil Young 1
Love Me Love Me Love Frank Mills 1
Cotton Jenny Anne Murray 1
You Could Have Been a Lady April Wine 2
Wild Eyes The Stampeders 2
Sunny Days Lighthouse 4
Old Man Neil Young 4
Masquerade Edward Bear 7
No Good to Cry The Poppy Family 8
Monday Morning Choo Choo The Stampeders 9
Running Back to Saskatoon The Guess Who 9
Good Friends The Poppy Family 10
Don’t Do It The Band 11
Julia Get Up Rich Dodson 11
Sour Suite The Guess Who 12
Take It Slow Lighthouse 12
Heartbroken Bopper The Guess Who 12
Who Has the Answers Andy Kim 12
One More Chance Ocean 12
Mexican Lady Steel River 13
Beautiful Gordon Lightfoot 13
Take the Blindness Joey Gregorash 14
Do I Love You Paul Anka 16
My Love Sings Joey Gregorash 16
Bad Side of the Moon April Wine 16
Concrete Sea Terry Jacks 16
Julianna 5 Man Electrical Band 17
Robbie’s Song For Jesus Anne Murray 17
Rock and Roll Song Valdy 17
Money Back Guarantee 5 Man Electrical Band 17
Fly Across the Sea Edward Bear 18
Poor Little Fool Frank Mills 19
Goodbye Farewell Abraham’s Children 21
Out of My Mind Rain 22
Sun Goes By Dr. Music 23
Dream No. 2 Ken Tobias 23
Strawberry Wine Spice 25
We Gotta Make It Together Marty Butler 25
Storm Warning Bob Ruzicka 25
Saskatchewan Sunrise Rick Jones 26
Little Old Rock’n Roll Band Billy Mysner 27
Long Time Comin’ Home Dr. Music 28
I Can Smell That Funky Music Eric Mercury 30
Get That Ball Patsy Gallant 32
(Make Me Do) Anything You Want A Foot in Coldwater 33
Get Up, Get Out, Move On Fludd 34
New York Is Closed Tonight Greenfield 34
Reflections of My Childhood Frank Mills 34
Drop Your Guns April Wine 34
Rainshowers Pagliaro 35
Riverboat Ladies Timothy 35
Feelin’ Better Already Everyday People 37
Bloodshot Eyes Lucifer 38
Africa Thundermug 38
Life In the Bloodstream The Guess Who 39
Oh My Love The Bells 39
War Song Neil Young 40


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