1982’s Biggest Canadian Hits

CMB medIn 1982, no Canadian Franco tunes appeared in CKOI’s year-end chart. Anglo tunes were to suffer a near similar fate in 1984. The biggest hit overall in Canada in 1982 was “I Love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (#1 on RPM’s year-end chart). Chilliwack scored three hits that finished in year-end Top 100. Their biggest, “My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)”, made the year-end charts of both 1981 (#29) and 1982 (#67). Rush scored the biggest Canadian hit of the year (18th) with “New World Man” which topped the weekly charts. Besides Canadian entries on the year-end chart, we have also included below all songs by Canadians that made RPM’s weekly Top 40 throughout the year, listing their peak position. Bear in mind, that this is a picture of cross-Canada success. Songs may have charted much higher or lower in various cities as radio stations usually give local artists more support.

YE= Year-End chart position.

WP = Weekly chart peak position.


New World Man Rush 18 1
Eyes of a Stranger Payolas 34 3
Your Daddy Don’t Know Toronto 42 5
Letting Go Straight Lines 44 6
My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) Chilliwack 67  *
I Believe Chilliwack 78 13
Enough Is Enough April Wine 79 12
Watcha Gonna Do Chilliwack 82 17
Start Tellin’ the Truth Toronto 95 15
Fantasy Aldo Nova 98 14
Don’t It Make Ya Feel Headpins 99 14
Nova Heart The Spoons 100 40
When It’s Over Loverboy   17
Arias & Symphonies The Spoons   18
Hey Operator Coney Hatch   19
I Did It For Love Harlequin   19
Pretty Bad Boy Goddo   21
Wind Him Up Saga   22
What Kind of Love Is This Streetheart   22
Some Kinda Fun Teenage Head   23
Soldier Payolas   25
You Remind Me Sheriff   28
Superstitious Feeling Harlequin   29
Fits Ya Good Bryan Adams   30
Boys of Autumn David Roberts   30
All Our Tomorrows Eddie Schwartz   32
Say Goodbye Triumph   36
Over the Line Eddie Schwartz   38
There Are No Secrets Straight Lines   40

* Peaked at #3 in 1981 and was also in 1981’s year-end chart at #29


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