Canadian Songs of the Early 80s

Below are lists of significant songs from Canadian artists for the years from 1980-1984. Keep in mind that the year-end CHUM charts only reflect the popularity of songs in Toronto. Charts in other cities (Vancouver, etc.) were often quite different. As the CHUM charts are the only year-end charts available, we use them here. We’ve bolded songs that did exceptionally well.


NF = Nominated for the Félix Song of the Year Award
WF = Won the Félix Song of the Year Award
NJ = Nominated for the Juno Song of the Year Award
WJ = Won the Juno Song of the Year Award
# = Position on the Year-End CHUM chart


Could I Have this Dance, Anne Murray (WJ*)
Echo Beach, Martha and the Muffins (WJ*, 47)
Fine State of Affairs, Burton Cummings (NJ)
Je ne suis qu’une chanson, Diane Juster (NF)
J’lâche pas, Marjolaine Morin and Jean Millaire (NF)
Le goût du miel, Fabienne Thibeault and Patrick LeMaître (NF)
Moi Tarzan, toi Jane, Luc Plamondon and Robert Charlebois (NF)
Quand on se donne, Jean-Pierre Ferland, Ginette Reno and Alain Noreau (NF)
Si j’étais un homme, Diane Tell (WF)
Something On My Mind, Teenage Head (99)
Sprit Of Radio, Rush (71)
Thème de Passe, Partout, Michèle Poirier and Pierre F. Brault (NF)
This Beat Goes On / Switching To Glide, Kings (81)
Too Bad, Doug and the Slugs (NJ)
Under My Thumb, Streetheart (75)
Wasn’t That a Party, The Rovers (NJ)
Young & Restless, Prism (95)

* Tie


Amour, Andy Kim (NJ)
Call Girl, Luc Plamondon and Germain Gauthier (NF)
High School Confidential, Rough Trade (NJ, 69)
Hold On, Ian Thomas (89)
Limelight, Rush (48)
Living Inside Myself, Gino Vannelli (87)
Magic Power, Triumph (39)
My Girl (Gone Gone Gone), Chilliwack (NJ, 35)
Plein de tendresse, Claude Dubois (WF)
Si j’étais magicien, P. Allen and Louise Letendre (NF)
Souvent, Longtemps, Énormément, Diane Tell (NF)
Thirsty Ears, Powder Blues Band (NJ, 54)
Turn Me Loose, Loverboy (WJ, 28)
Women Around The World At Work, Martha & The Muffins (85)


Enough Is Enough, April Wine (75)
Eyes of a Stranger, Payola$ (WJ, 60)
J’taime comme un fou, Luc Plamondon and Robert Charlebois (WF)
Le beau matou, Louise Portal, Monique St, Laurent and Jean-Pierre Bonin (NF)
Les talons hauts, Luc Plamondon and Robert Charlebois (NF)
Letting Go, Straight Lines, (NJ, 66)
Métal, Paule Marier and Marie Bernard (NF)
New World Man, Rush (NJ, 9)
Start Telling The Truth, Toronto, (39)
Talk about it, Mireille Jacques and André Vincelli (NF)
Working for the Weekend, Loverboy, (NJ, 64)
Your Daddy Don’t Know, Toronto, (NJ, 24)


Cuts Like a Knife, Bryan Adams (NJ)
Hot Girls In Love, Loverboy (67)
Ma blonde m’aime, Pierre Bertrand and Robert Léger (NF)
Ohé! Ohé!, Paulette Arsenault and François Cousineau (NF)
Rise Up, Parachute Club (WJ, 29)
Straight from the Heart, Bryan Adams (NJ, 69)
Subdivisions, Rush (65)
Sunglasses at Night, Corey Hart (NJ)
Tension Attention, Daniel Lavoie and Daniel DeShaime (WF)
The Safety Dance, Men Without Hats (NJ, 82)
Un air d’été, Pierre Bertrand et Pierrette Bertrand (NF)
When I’m With You, Sheriff (74)


1254 New York, Robert Leroux (NF)
Aimer pour aimer, Marie Michèle Desrosiers (NF)
C’est beaucoup mieux comme ça, Ginette Reno (NF)
C’est pas physique, Robert Charlebois (NF)
Cover Girl, Véronique Béliveau (NF)
Il y a de l’amour dans l’air, Martine St-Clair (NF)
Ils s’aiment, Daniel Lavoie (NF)
Je l’aime, Nicole Martin and Martine St-Clair (NF)
On va s’aimer, Martine St-Clair (NF)
Une Colombe, Céline Dion (WF)

** No Canadian Song in the CHUM Year-End charts. No Canadian song in the RPM Weekly Top 10 this year. Juno Awards were postponed.