1992’s Biggest Canadian Hits, Both English and French

CMB medWe have provided below a list of all songs by Canadian artists that made the Top 40 through the weekly RPM charts with their peak position listed as well as all those that made the year-end Top 100. Alannah Myles’ biggest hit “Song Instead of a Kiss” was the tops for Canadian artists at 3rd of the year. There were three #1 hits from Canadians in 1992: The Myles song, Céline Dion’s first #1 hit “If You Asked Me To”, and Bryan Adams’ “Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven”.  Also below is a list of all Canadian Franco songs that make CKOI’s year-end Top 50. The #1 song of the year in Québec was Marie Carmen’s “L’aigle noir”. Below the charts, check out some trivia on 1992’s hits.

YE= Year-End chart position.

WP = Weekly chart peak position.


L’aigle noir Marie Carmen 1
Donne-moi ma change Les B.B. 4
Les idees noires Julie Masse 7
Tue-moi Dan Bigras 10
Quand on se donne Francis Martin 14
Les bouts de papier Richard Seguin 17
Opium Daniel Belanger 18
Rock It Francis Martin 21
Hasta la vista Collage 22
Entre l’ombre et la lumiere Marie Carmen 24
Qui nous dira? Pierre Flynn 27
Si Fragile Luc de Larochelliere 29
Longue distance Le Grand Menage 31
Seul au combat Les B.B. 36
La sirene Les B.B. 38
Entre avec moi Marjo 40
T’es au bat, boy Francois Perusse 43
Qui pense a l’Amour Lara Fabian 46
Trop Fragile Les Parfaits Salauds 47
La vie en Rose Joane Labelle 49


Song Instead of a Kiss Alannah Myles 3 1
If You Asked Me To Celine Dion 4 1
Sinking Like a Sunset Tom Cochrane 15 2
Do I Have to Say the Words? Bryan Adams 17 2
Thought I’d Died and Gone… Bryan Adams 18 1
Nothing Broken But My Heart Celine Dion 23 3
Enid Barenaked Ladies 28 2
America Kim Mitchell 29 3
Lost Together Blue Rodeo 30 3
No Regrets Tom Cochrane 31 3
There Will Never Be Another Bryan Adams 34 2
Washed Away Tom Cochrane 50 7
Constant Craving k.d. lang 54 8
When the Stars Fall Sue Medley 66 11
Make You a Believer Sass Jordan 71 12
Rain Down On Me Blue Rodeo 82 8*
Go Back to Your Woods Robbie Robertson 83 9
Rescued (By the Arms of Love) Glass Tiger 86 8
You May Be Right The Grapes of Wrath 90 7
Livin’ in the 90s Barney Bentall 91 11
Love Can Move Mountains Celine Dion 97 2*
Peace of Mind (Love Goes On) One 2 One 99 11
Locked in the Trunk of a Car The Tragically Hip 100 11
Celebrate The Infidels   12
Buzz Haywire   13
Baby When I Call Your Name Corey Hart   14
Lovers in a Dangerous Time The Barenaked Ladies   16
Head Over Heels Frozen Ghost   16
I Want to Believe Sass Jordan   16
Doin’ Fine Barney Bentall   16
Cruel Little Number The Jeff Healey Band   17
Don’t Stop Now Love & Sas   18
Inside Out Sue Medley   18
Twister Northern Pikes   18
Baby Doll Big House   19
Memory Lane One 2 One   19
You Don’t Have to Remind Me Sass Jordan   19
Southern Rain The Cowboy Junkies   20
Shake This Town Robbie Robertson   20
In Your Eyes Leslie Spit Treeo   21
Pure As Gold Kim Mitchell   21
92 Days of Rain Corey Hart   22
Beauty and the Beast Celine Dion   23
The Big Ones Get Away Buffy Sainte-Marie   24
An Emotion Away Alanis Morissette   24
River of Fire Stan Meissner   25
Mad Mad World Tom Cochrane   25
Bohemia Mae Moore   26
Great Big Love Bruce Cockburn   27
Find the Will Kim Mitchell   28
Once in a Lifetime Love & Sas   29
Without Love The Infidels   30
Nice to Luv You 54-40   30
Always Corey Hart   30
Wind Me Up Paul Janz   30
Deep in My Soul Acosta/Russell   32
Is It Really Love Dan Hill   32
Show Me the Way West End Girls   34
Walkaway Alanis Morissette   35
Give It All Up Darby Mills   36
Cry (If You Want To) Frozen Ghost   36
A Penny More Skydiggers   36
Friends One 2 One   36
Brand New Set of Lies Lost and Profound   37
Touch the Hand Bryan Adams   38
She-La 54-40   38
War of Man Neil Young   38
Goodbye World On Edge   39
Ghost of a Chance Rush   40
Music Man 54-40   40


* Achieved peak in 1993. Both of these songs also made the year-end Top 100 of 1993.


1992 Trivia

Extra: After five Top 40 singles that were only moderate hits in Canada and many of which did much better in other countries, Celine Dion finally scored a #1 hit in 1992 with “If You Asked Me To”. While earlier hits like “Where Does My Heart Beat Now” and “Beauty and the Beast” made the Top 10 in the United States but only the Top 30 in Canada, consider that Celine’s album Unison was a 7x platinum release in Canada but only platinum in the US and her second self-titled album was diamond (10x platinum) in Canada but only double platinum south of the border. The explanation, then, for Celine’s early English singles not being big hits in Canada is that no one bothered buying them; they bought her albums (which contained those songs) instead. Presumably, her early hits also did not see much in the way of CHR radio airplay as they were deemed adult contemporary songs and relegated to AC stations only. By 1992, with the growing popularity of AC music, because of singers like Celine Dion, CHR radio began adding her songs to their playlists. This is a good example of why we have to be careful when interpreting charts.


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