Jann Arden

Born: 1962, Springbank, Alberta
Debut: 1993
Genre: Pop / Rock


• 16 Top 40 Singles, including ten Top 10’s, and one #1
• Star on the Walk of Fame, 2006
• 3 Major Juno Awards

Major Juno Awards

• Song of the Year, 1995 (“Could I Be Your Girl”)
• Female Artist of the Year, 1995
• Female Artist of the Year, 2001

Studio Albums and Hit Singles

1993: Time For Mercy

• Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Will You Remember Me” (#10 WP; #73 YE), “I Would Die For You” (#13), “I’m Not Your Lover” (#35)

1994: Living Under June

• 5x Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Could I Be Your Girl” (#3 WP; #21 YE), “Insensitive” (#1WP; #12 US; #14 YE), “Wonderdrug” (#4 WP; #41 YE), “Unloved” (w/ Jackson Browne #8 WP; #70 YE), “Good Mother” (#9 WP; #68 YE), “Looking for It” (#7 WP; #50 YE)

1997: Happy?

• 2x Platinum
• Hit Singles: “The Sound Of” (#3 WP; #20 YE), “Wishing That” (#12), “I Know You” (#28)

2000: Blood Red Cherry

• Hit Singles: “Sleepless” (#22)

2003: Love Is the Only Soldier

• Hit Singles: “Love Is the Only Soldier” (#17)

2005: Jann Arden

• Hit Singles: “Where No One Knows Me” (#10)

2007: Undercover Me

• Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Bring the Boys Home” (#10)

2009: Free

2011: Undercover Me 2

Jann Arden Undercover Me 2

• Gold  

2014: Everything Almost

Jann Arden - Everything Almost

• Billboard Canadian Albums chart #2

 2015: A Jann Arden Christmas

jann arden

• Gold  

Calgary had been left off the map in terms of major pop superstars. In the early 90s, they finally produced one. Her name was Jann Arden.

She was born just outside the city in the rural community of Springbank, where she grew up. She was a fan of hockey which she played as a right-winger and music, learning guitar and trumpet. When she was 17, she cut a debut single under the name Jane Richards and spent most of the 80s as a bar hopping musician and busker. She was eventually discovered by Ian Tyson’s manager who singed her in 1987 at which time she was working at her parents’ video store in Springbank. Now with A&M Records, her debut album Time for Mercy appeared in 1993. “I Would Die for You” became her first big hit. Even more successful was “Will You Remember Me” which Sarah McLachlan seemed to answer back six years later in her “I Will Remember You”. The hit singles propelled the album to Platinum status.

Living Under June came out the following year. The title refers not to the month but the name of the woman who lived above her while she was renting a basement suite in downtown Calgary. The album featured a duet with Jackson Browne, sold more than half a million copies at home, won for her Junos for Song of the Year (“Could I Be Your Girl”) and Female Artist of the Year. Calgarian Anne Loree-composed “Insensitive”, which became a number one hit at home and an international hit. It appeared in the soundtrack of the Christian Slater film Bed of Roses. When the smoke cleared away, five songs from the album made the year-end Top 100 singles chart. She went on tour with a backing band of Alberta musicians.

Arden’s third album didn’t appear for three years. With its release, she began a second career as an emcee and actor, hosting awards shows including the 1997 Juno Awards, voicing cartoon characters, and making cameo appearances on television programs, stage plays, and feature films. Her third album Happy? featured the hit single “The Sound Of” and went double Platinum. As with most 90s artists, album sales declined in the new millennium. Her most successful work was 2007’s platinum-selling cover-tune assortment Undercover Me which produced the Top 10 hit “Bring the Boys Home”.

In 2006 Jann was given a star on the Walk of Fame in Toronto. She also opened a restaurant in Calgary called The Arden.

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