Daniel Bélanger

Born: 1961, Montréal
Debut: 1992
Genre: Pop/Rock

Major Awards

1994: Félix Male Artist of the Year
1994: Félix Album Artist of the Year, Les Insomniaques s’amusent
2002: Félix Male Artist of the Year
2002: Félix Album Artist of the Year, Rêver mieux
2003: Juno Francophone Album of the Year, Rêver mieux
2008: Juno Francophone Album of the Year, L’échec du matériel

Studio Albums and Hit Singles

1993: Les Insomniaques s’amusent

• Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Opium” (QC #1), “La folie en quatre” (FSOYN) “Séche tes pleurs”

1996: Quatre saisons dans le désordre

• Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Les deux printemps” (FSOYN), “Le parapluie” (FSOYN), “Les temps fous” (FSOYN), “Sortez-moi de moi”

1999: Tricycle

• Hit Singles: “En mon Bonheur (tout toi me manqué)” (FSOYN)

2001: Rêver mieux

• Platinum
• Juno Award for Francophone Album of the Year
• Hit Singles: “Rêver mieux” (FSOYN), “Fous n’importe où” (FSOYN)

2003: Déflaboxe

2007: L’échec du matériel

• Juno Award for Francophone Album of the Year
• Hit Singles: “La fin de l’homme” (FSOYN)

2009: Nous

• Hit Singles: “Reste” (FSOYN)

(FSOYN = Felix Song of the Year Nominee)

2013: Chic de ville

Daniel Belanger Chic de Ville

2016: Paloma


DB released his debut album in 1993 and became considered one of the best Francophone artists for the next two decades. His music has been described as eclectic, poetic, romantic, loving, well-crafted, lyrically-inspiring, swinging from humorous to wistful, catchy, atmospheric, innovative, and free. Like Leonard Cohen, Belanger is regarded a poet in his own right. Moreover, unlike many artists who had ups and downs, Daniel’s albums were consistently successful, award-winning, and critically-acclaimed.

It took Daniel Belanger a while to get an album out. Through the 80s, he struggled in numerous bands, including Humphrey Salade, but was never able to release an album. In 1992, as a soloist, however, he was able to release an album through Audiogram Records which was owned by his older brother Michel. The resulting work was entitled Les Insomniaques s’amusent. It sold 175,000 copies, making it the ADISQ bestselling album of the year and won for Belanger a number of Felix Awards. The first single “Opium” topped the Quebec singles chart for seven weeks.

With Belanger’s second album, Quatre saisons dans le désordre, another Platinum-seller, he was named songwriter of the year at the 1996 ADISQ gala.

Belanger toured through 1998 combining musical performance with comic monologue. The following year he released an unusual triple album called Tricycle which featured snippets from performances recorded throughout his career. Erreur d’impression was a collection of 150 musings and stories. He began writing songs for movies with theme of Le Dernier soufflé in 2000 and L’Audition in 2006.

Rêver mieux with its addictive beats and electronic sprinkles was highly welcomed, going Platinum and winning a host of Felix Awards, including Male Artist of the Year, as well as the Juno Award for Francophone Album of the Year. Belanger’s tribute to French lounge music came next in 2003’s exquisite Déflaboxe.

L’échec du materiel came out in 2007 and became Belanger’s second Fracophone Album of the Year Juno winner. Joli Chaos was a double greatest hits CD with outtakes and rarities on the second disc. Nous followed, spawning the Felix Song of the Year nominee “Reste”. In 2010, Daniel wrote the music for the stage play Les Belles-Soeurs.

In 2013, the CBC named Belanger’s Quatre saisons dans le désordre as the 8th greatest Canadian album of all time.

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