Lara Fabian

Born: 1970, Etterbeek, Belgium
Debut: 1986
Genre: Pop


• Has sold over 18 million records worldwide
• Diamond Album in France (Pure)
• Felix Award for Female Artist of the Year (1995)
• 19 Top 40 Singles, including twelve Top 10′s
• Has recorded songs in eight languages
• Has a vocal range that spans 4 octaves

Studio Albums and Hit Singles

1991: Lara Fabian

• Platinum

1994: Carpe Diem

• 2x Platinum
• Platinum in France
• Hit Singles: “Si tu m’aimes” (#5 France; #3 Belgium), “Leila” (Felix-Nominated)

1996: Pure

• Platinum
• Diamond in France
• Hit Singles: “Tout” (#4 France; #2 Belgium; Felix-nominated), “Je t’aime” (#6 France and Belgium; Felix-nominated), “Humana” (#15 France; #21 Belgium), “La Différence” (#10 France; #11 Belgium)

1999: Lara Fabian

• 3x Platinum in Portugual
• Platinum in France, Belgium, and Brazil
• Language: English
• Hit Singles: “I Am Who I Am” (#19 Canada), “Adagio” (#5 France; #3 Belgium), “I Will Love Again” (#16 France; #5 Belgium; #14 Switzerland)

2001: Nue

• 2x Platinum in France
• Hit Singles: “J’y crois encore” (#17 France; #8 Belgium; #23 Switzerland), “Immortelle” (#10 France; #4 Belgium), “Aimer Déjà” (#32 France; #23 Belgium), “Tu es mon autre” (w/ Maurane – #5 France; #2 Belgium)

2004: A Wonderful Life

• Language: English

2005: 9

• Platinum in France
• Hit Singles: “La lettre” (#11 in France and Belgium), “L’homme qui n’avait pas de maison” (#26 France)

2009: Toutes les femmes en moi

• Hit Singles: “Soleil, Soleil” (#39 Belgium)

2010: Mademoiselle Zhivago

Lara Fabian & Igor Krutoj - Mademoiselle Zhivago

2013: Le Secret


2015: Ma vie dans la tienne

lara fabian - Ma vie dans la tienne

Other Albums and Hit Singles

• “Réquiem pour un fou” w/ Johnny Hallyday from the album Live 1999 (#8 in France; #11 in Belgium)
• “Bambina” w/ Jean-Félix Lalanne from the live album En toute intimate (#31 France; #12 Belgium)
• “Aime” from the album Un regard 9 Live (#26 France; #9 Belgium)
• “Un cuore malato” w/ Gigi d’Alessio from Gigi’s album Made in Italy (#16 France; #6 Belgium)
• “On s’aimerait tout bas” from the compilation album Best of Lara Fabian (#19 Belgium)

Lara Fabian did somewhat the opposite of Mylene Farmer. The latter was born in Canada but left her Canadian roots behind to become a full-fledged European star. Lara was born in Belgium but emigrated to Canada to launch her musical career, becoming a naturalized citizen. Given that she had Italian roots and mastered several languages, Fabian is a true world resident.

She was named after the character in the famous film Doctor Zhivago. Her father was a guitarist for Petula Clark. Her parents bought her a piano when she was eight, an instrument she learned and she began composing her own songs. When Fabian was 16, she participated in the Tremplin talent contest in Brussels. She won three of the top awards. This led to her first single, “L’Aziza est en pleurs” in 1986.

Two years later, she took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, representing Luxembourg, finishing in fourth place with the song “Croire“, a single which sold 600,000 copies. Canada’s Celine Dion won the contest that year, representing Switzerland (the Swiss composed the song).

Impressed with Fabian’s performance, Franck Olivier invited her to do a promotional tour in Canada. She fell in love with Quebec, immigrated to Canada, and from Montreal launched her career, releasing her debut, self-titled album which was certified platinum. She became a Canadian citizen a few years later.

After touring, Fabian recorded her sophomore album Carpe Diem which went gold within two weeks of its release in 1994. It was certified double-platinum and platinum in France. She won the Felix award for Female Artist of the Year in 1995. It was Lara’s third album that was recognized as her magnum opus. Pure was certified diamond in France with four hit songs, two of which were nominated for Song of the Year honours at the Felix Awards. She was also nominated for Female Artist of the Year at the Junos, a rare feat for a Francophone artist.

During her European tour, she was invited to perform a duet with the biggest singer of all-time in France, Johnny Hallyday. At this point, Fabian decided to try an English-language album. Lara Fabian was released in 1999 which included a vocalized adaptation of Albinoni’s Adagio. “I Am Who I Am” was a Top 20 hit in Canada. Ironically, the album sold best in Portugual. “I Will Love Again” was a big hit in Belgium. She also recorded a duet with Josh Groban for the for Steven Spielberg film AI – Artificial Intelligence, called “For Always”. “The Dream Within” was included on the Final Fantasy soundtrack.

Fabian collaborated with a number of artists for her next French album, Nue, including Daniel Lavoie. It was certified double-platinum in France. She followed up with her second English album, A Wonderful Life, which was not well-received, a number of factors being suggested for this. It was never released in the United States and Fabian left Sony Records afterwards (and long-time producer Rick Allison), disappointed with their failure to promote her English-language works.

She released the French-language 9 in 2005 under Polydor Records with a new team and relocated back to Belgium. She took a break from her career to give birth to a baby in 2007 and then released an album of mostly covers called Toutes les femmes en moi in 2009.

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