Amanda Marshall

Born: 1972, Toronto
Debut: 1995
Genre: Pop / Rock


• Diamond Album (Amanda Marshall)
• 15 Top 40 Singles, including 8 Top Tens
• Nominated for 11 Juno Awards

Studio Albums and Hit Singles

1996: Amanda Marshall

• Diamond
• Hit Singles: “Birmingham” (#3 WP; #30 YE), “Dark Horse” (#5 WP; #27 YE), “Beautiful Goodbye” (#5 WP; #51 YE), “Sitting on Top of the World” (#5 WP; #46 YE), “Let it Rain” (#7 WP; #56 YE), “Fall From Grace” (#11 WP; #94 YE), “Trust Me (This Is Love)” (#18 WP)

1999: Tuesday’s Child

• 3x Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Believe in You” (#10 WP; #58 YE), “Love Lift Me” (#10 WP; #52 YE), “Shades of Gray” (#25 WP), “If I Didn’t Have You” (#21 WP)

2001: Everybody’s Got a Story

• Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Everybody’s Got a Story” (#6 WP; n/a YE), “Marry Me” (#18 WP), “Double Agent” (#19 WP), “Sunday Morning After” (#20 WP)

Somewhere there’s a river looking for a stream
Somewhere there’s a dreamer looking for a dream
Somewhere there’s a drifter trying to find his way
Somewhere someone’s waiting to hear somebody say

I believe in you
I can’t even count the ways that
I believe in you
And all I want to do is help you to believe in you

Somewhere someone’s reaching, trying to grab that ring
Somewhere there’s a silent voice learning how to sing
Some of us can’t move ahead; we’re paralyzed with fear
And everybody’s listening, ’cause we all need to hear

I believe in you
I can’t even count the ways that
I believe in you
And all I want to do is help you to believe in you

I will hold you up
I will help you stand I will comfort you when you need a friend
I will be the voice that’s calling “I…

I believe in you
I can’t even count the ways that
I believe in you
And all I want to do is help you to believe in you

Amanda Marshall was the fourth Canadian female superstar to bear the initials A.M. (Anne Murray, Alannah Myles, and Alanis Morissette being the other three). Although she scored a diamond album and 15 Top 40 hits, she did not win any of the 11 Juno nominations she received. Her debut album was certified diamond in Canada and spawned seven Top 30 hits, all but one of which finished in the year-end chart for the next three years.

Born and raised in Toronto (with a few years in Halifax), Amanda Marshall’s dream was to be a musician. She studied at the Toronto Conservatory of Music and performed at bars on Queen Street after her day job as a telephone operator. Guitarist Jeff Healey was impressed with her rich vocals and invited her to join his tour. Drummer Tom Stephen became her manager. This led to an offer by Columbia Records when she was 19. But she turned them down feeling it was too soon to launch her singing career. For the next few years she concentrated on building a reputation through live shows before approaching Alannah Myles’ songwriter David Tyson. She was signed by Sony Records and three more songwriters were added to her team.

Her debut self-titled album was released. “Let It Rain” was the first single. It scaled up the pop charts in autumn 1995 and made the Top 10. Further singles did even better and, eventually, the album was certified diamond. Elton John picked up the album and was so impressed that he phoned her to offer his support. Marshall appeared on the Rosie O’Donnell show. Despite these endorsements, Marshall’s success did not spread much outside the country. She toured with Tom Cochrane and John Mellancamp. In the spring of 1997, her headlining tour of Canada sold out.

In 1999, Tuesday’s Child was released, spawning two Top 10 hits, including the inspiring “Believe in You” (lyrics above). The album sold over 300,000 copies. Three years later Everybody’s Got a Story came out. Although it was responsible for four Top 20 singles, it only managed to go platinum, and it appeared that Amanda’s career was running out of steam, especially since Sony was doing nothing to market her outside of the country. A “greatest hits” album appeared in 2003.

Amanda’s retreat from the music industry was the result of legal battles with her record company which have as yet to be settled.

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