Diana Krall

Born: 1964, Nanaimo, BC
Debut: 1993
Genre: Jazz


• Has sold 15 million records worldwide
• Sold more jazz albums, since her debut, than any other female jazz artist in the world
• Juno for Artist of the Year, 2002
• Juno for Album of the Year (The Look of Love, 2002)
• Star on the Walk of Fame (2004)
• Eight number one albums on the U.S. Jazz chart
• Six multi-platinum albums
• 5 Grammy Awards and 8 Juno Awards won

Significant Albums

1993: Stepping Out

• Gold

1995: Only Trust Your Heart

1995: All for You

• Gold
• Grammy Nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album

1997: Love Scenes

• 2x Platinum
• Juno Nomination for Best Mainstream Jazz Album
• Grammy Nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album

1999: When I Look in Your Eyes

• 3x Platinum
• Juno Award for Best Vocal Jazz Album
• Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album
• Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical
• Grammy Nomination for Album of the Year

2001: The Look of Love

• 7x Platinum
• Juno Award for Album of the Year
• Juno Award for Best Vocal Jazz Album
• Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical

2002: Live in Paris

• Live Album
• 2x Platinum
• Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year
• Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album

2004: The Girl in the Other Room

• 2x Platinum
• Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year
• Juno Nomination for Album of the Year

2005: Christmas Songs

• Christmas Album
• Juno Nomination for Album of the Year
• Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year

2006: From This Moment On

• 2x Platinum
• Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year
• Grammy Nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album

2009: Quiet Nights

• Juno Nomination for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year
• Juno Nomination for Album of the Year
• Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)

2012: Glad Rag Doll

Diana Krall - Glad Rag Doll

• Gold

2015: Wallflower

Diana Krall - Wallflower

• Gold

2017: Turn Up the Quiet


diana krall - turn up the quiet

Some Songs with Official Music Videos

Let’s Face the Music and Dance“, 1999 

The Look of Love“, 2001 

Just the Way You Are“, 2002 

Narrow Daylight“, 2004 

Almost Blue“, 2004 

Quiet Nights“, 2009

Without a doubt, Diana Krall is the most successful jazz vocal artist in Canadian history and one of the biggest names in the world. But it came only after years of preparatory work and training under a number of professionals around North America, leading to her characteristically ultra-confident stage presence.

Krall was born into a musical family in the Vancouver Island city of Nanaimo. Her father introduced her to the world of music when she was for, thanks to his extensive record collection; her mother sang in a community choir. Diana took classical piano lessons, switching to jazz piano in her high school band under the leadership of teacher Brian Stovell and later in Victoria under Louise Rose. She performed her first professional gig at 15 and later won a Vancouver Jazz Festival scholarship to an American college of music in Boston which she attended before returning home. She was introduced to visiting Americans Ray Brown and Jeff Hamilton who convinced her to take her talents to the U.S. city of Los Angeles. There, she studied with professional jazz musiciand Alan Broadbent and Jimmy Rowles. They discovered that Krall was actually a very good singer and encouraged her to vocalize more while playing. This led to her rising status as a performer.

She relocated to Toronto in 1988, with further training from Don Thompson, and then to New York in 1990 where she performed in various lounges and travelled to take part in various Canadian jazz festivals. It was high time for a recording; her debut, Stepping Out, with accompaniments from John Clayton and Jeff Hamilton, was released in 1993 on the Montreal-based independent label, Justin Time. Sales were respectable for a jazz record and she was signed to the bigger, international label GRP for her sophomore effort, Only Trust Your Heart, the following year.

The media picked up on her rather quickly, leading to greater exposure and a steady stream of new fans. GRP transferred her to their Impulse division for her third release, All for You, a tribute to Nat King Cole. The album spent 70 weeks on the Billboard jazz charts and was nominated for an American Grammy award. Diana Krall was becoming a big name in the industry, helped in part by a high-profile 1996 stint at New York’s Oak Room.

1997’s romantic ballad-themed Love Scenes catapulted her to the forefront of the jazz world with both a Juno and Grammy nomination and sales of 2x platinum. From there, everything snowballed. When I Look in Your Eyes (1999), which featured rich string arrangements, won both Juno and Grammy awards for best jazz vocal album of the year. And the rock and pop dominated Grammies nominated it for Album of the Year. Sales exceeded 3x platinum which meant it had become one of the best-selling jazz records of all-time. In 2000, Diana embarked on a 20-city tour with Tony Bennett.

Krall’s magnum opus, however, came with the release of The Look of Love in 2001. Sales were unprecedented for a jazz album: 7x platinum! Not only did it win the Juno for best vocal jazz album of the year but for overall album of the year. A Juno and Grammy award-winning live album (in Paris) appeared the following year. In 2002, Krall was named Artist of the Year at the Junos.

At this point she decided to alter her trajectory as she was now experiencing some romance with English singer-songwriter Elvis Costello. The two were married at Elton John’s estate in late 2003.

Jazz singers have often been criticized for simply rehashing the same old songs. Krall felt she could begin to compose some original material and collaborated with her new husband who helped pen the lyrics. She also wanted to convert some folk songs to jazz and selected songs from Tom Waits and Joni Mitchell. The resulting album, a mixture of original Krall/Costello pieces and jazz renditions of folk songs, was entitled The Girl in the Other Room. The 2004 recording won yet another Juno for her and sales were certified double-platinum.

From This Moment On (2006) featured covers of Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Irving Berlin songs and won a Juno. Quiet Nights followed in 2009, showcasing Latin-infused jazz standards accompanied by a 60-piece orchestra.

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