Debut: 2005
Origin: Vancouver
Genres: Pop, Rock


Jacob Hoggard – lead vocals
Chris Crippin – guitars
Tommy Mac – bass
Dave Rosin – drums


• 2 double-platinum albums
• 13 Top 40 Singles, most of which made the year-end Top 100
• Biggest Canadian song of the year 2010 (“Perfect”)
• Triple Platinum single: “Kiss You Inside Out”
• 18 Juno Nominations, including 2 wins

Studio Albums and Hit Singles

2005: Hedley

• 2x Platinum
• Hit Singles: “On My Own” (#1), “Trip” (#11)

2007: Famous Last Words

• Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Never Too Late” (#4 WP; #23 YE), “For the Nights I Can’t Remember” (#6 WP; #14 YE), “Old School” (#10 WP; #61 YE)

2009: The Show Must Go

• 2x Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Cha Ching” (#6 WP; #58 YE*), “Perfect” (#7 WP; #18 YE), “Don’t Talk to Strangers” (#11 WP; #54 YE), “Hands Up” (#27 WP; #96 YE)

2011: Storms

• Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Invincible” (Weekly Chart Peak #9, 69th of 2011 and 97th of 2012), “One Life” (Weekly Chart Peak #16, 57th of 2012), “Kiss You Inside Out” (Weekly Chart Peak #2, 19th of 2012 and 83rd of 2013).

2013: Wild Life

Hedley - Wild Life

• Platinum
• Hit Singles: “Anything” (Weekly Chart Peak #5); “Crazy For You” #7; “Heaven in our Headlights” #14; “Pocket Full of Dreams” #33.

2015: Hello

Hedley - Hello

• Hit Singles: “Hello” (Weekly Chart Peak #20); “Lose Control” #37.


WP – Weekly Peak
YE – Year-End

* Cha Ching was the 54th biggest song of 2009 and the 92nd biggest song of 2010.

Hedley formed in Abbotsford, B.C. in 2004. Lead singer Jacob Hoggard’s bandmates bet him $150 that he would not audition for Canadian Idol and lost the bet; Hoggard auditioned, became one of the second season’s ten finalists and ended up finishing third, behind winner Kalan Porter and 2nd place Theresa Sokyrka. After leaving the show, Hoggard decided to reform the band and recruited Crippin, Mac, and Rosin. Perhaps due mostly to Hoggard’s high public profile resulting from his Canadian Idol days, the band was signed by Universal.

In 2005, Hedley released its debut (self-titled) album, and “On My Own” became a chart-topping hit single in Canada. MuchMusic brought music videos of all singles released into heavy rotation for the next two years. The album was eventually certified double-platinum.

Beginning a tradition of releasing a studio album every two years during an odd-numbered year, Hedley released its second album, Famous Last Words, in 2007. Three singles from the album peaked in the Top 10. “For the Nights I Can’t Remember” finished as the 14th biggest song of 2008.

The Show Must Go followed in 2009. “Cha Ching” sprinted up the charts peaking at #6. Hedley performed this song during the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. “Perfect”, a piano ballad, was the most successful Canadian single in 2010, the 18th biggest song of the year. The song won the JUNO award for video of the year and was their most successful song south of the border, making it to #25 on the Billboard Adult Pop chart. The band toured with Faber Driver, Boys Like Girls, The Stereos, and Fefe Dobson.

Heralding their fourth album Storms, released late in 2011, was the single “Invincible”.  The band released a new non-album single in 2012, “Kiss You Inside Out” which peaked at #2 on Billboard and became their best-selling single (Triple Platinum).  A special bilingual version was recorded which featured Star Academie finalist Andrée-Anne Leclerc. Hedley released platinum album Wild Life towards the end of 2013 which spawned a number of hit singles.

Hedley takes its name from both a town in British Columbia as well as a street from their hometown of Abbotsford. Hedley has toured with Simple Plan, Nickelback, and Bon Jovi.

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