ATF Tunes: I feel lava turn to ice

There are two famous Canadian women named Maria del Mar. One is a film and television actress who has never worked professionally as a musician; the other is a rock singer who has dabbled in acting. It is the latter one that concerns us. During a party in Toronto, she had a run in with bassist Mark Storm in an alley. From the encounter a band was born that paid homage to both the new wave movement of the early 80s as well as the punk experiments of the late 70s. They named themselves after an Elizabeth Taylor movie called National Velvet.

They sent a demo to Capitol Records president Dean Cameron who, in turn, sent a scout to check them out live. Capitol signed them and a self-titled album was released in 1988, which spawned the hit “Flesh Under Skin“, one of our favourite songs of all-time by a Canadian artist.


Song: “Flesh Under Skin”
Album: National Velvet
Year: 1988
Artist: National Velvet
Origin: Toronto

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