ATF Tunes: What’s this bitter feeling when I see that girl with you

This female singer was once the lead vocalist of a Toronto quartet called The Sharks. Only one single was released and she departed to start a solo career. Incidentally two of the band’s members went on to form Blue Rodeo. She released an EP followed by a full-length album entitled People Talk in 1984. Her work earned her a Juno and she enjoyed a couple of hit singles, most notably the savory pop smash “I Want You Back”, a Top 20 hit. After success in the pop arena, she switched to country music. Her name is Sherry Kean. “I Want You Back” is an ingeniously crafted, irresistible dance tune featuring Kean’s pulpy crooning, reminiscent of Mae West. It’s one of our all-time favourites.


By the time you said you loved me
I had turned my back
I spent a long time waiting
What kind of love is that

So I’m going to find a new one
And I hear those things you do
What’s this bitter feeling
When I see that girl with you

I want, I want, I want, and I want, and I want
And I want you back! I want you back…

Do you really find it thrilling
Holding someone new
Have you got your freedom
Or just another view?”

Hey come on babe, come off it
We’ve both been there before
Second class emotion
Is not what you’re lookin’ for


I see you from a distance
You’re pulling out her chair
In my imagination,
She’s pulling out your hair


Song: “I Want You Back”
Album: People Talk
Year: 1984
Artist: Sherry Kean
Origin: Toronto

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