Sarah McLachlan Is Doin’ It Right on the East Side of Town

While working as a singer-songwriter, Sarah McLachlan became frustrated by the unofficial policy of radio stations and concert promoters of not featuring two female artists back to back. She responded by organizing an all-female music festival named after folklore legend Lilith who, as Adam’s first wife, was rejected by him because she refused to be submissive. A series of Lilith Fair festival tours took place from 1996 to 1999.

Having broken down some of the misogyny in the music industry, Sarah McLachlan has centered her energies on a new venture: the opening of a music school for children.

The 1,486 square metre Sarah McLachlan School of Music has officially opened in east Vancouver. A $7.7 million grant for the building was provided by the non-profit Wolverton Foundation whose goal is to bring the arts to the children of British Columbia. The facility will provide free music lessons to children who could not otherwise afford it. Currently 280 students in grades 4 to 12 are enrolled in such pursuits as piano, guitar, percussion, and singing. Trends in educational curricula over the past couple of decades have been leaning more towards academics and less towards the arts, something that McLachlan hopes to change. Video below: