Winter Certifications for Pellerin, Cohen, Hedley, Nickelback, and The Arcade Fire

Some new certifications have been awarded as we headed into the winter solstice recently.

Leonard Cohen’s popular Live in London video is now triple platinum. Suzanne will surely be happy with that. Cohen has a brand new studio album due out in January.

Congratulations to storyteller Fred Pellerin. His C’est un monde album has struck gold.

Nickelback’s song “When We Stand Together” has been digitally downloaded more than 80,000 times, meaning that it’s platinum, eh.

And how about that Hedley. Their album Storms has officially joined the 2011 platinum club that has only 4 other members.

Wait a tick, that’s not all. Remember how the Arcade Fire won all those awards in Canada, the United States, and Britain, and you wondered why 2010’s The Suburbs did not receive any gold or platinum certifications. Well, get this folks, it’s now officially double-platinum.