Hosts of the JUNO Awards

I received a personal email asking me whom I would like to see host the JUNO Awards this year (2012). I’m not a member, so my opinion doesn’t hold much weight. But I did give it some thought. The JUNO Awards were first televised in 1975, the host being Paul Anka (fitting). Over the years, hosts have not only been music stars but actors, TV personalities, and comedians. Below is a table summarizing the hosts of the JUNOs since 1975, including the host city.

Year Location Host
1975 Toronto Paul Anka
1976 Toronto John Allan Cameron
1977 Toronto David Steinberg
1978 Toronto David Steinberg
1979 Toronto Burton Cummings
1980 Toronto Burton Cummings
1981 Toronto Andrea Martin
1982 Toronto Burton Cummings
1983 Toronto Burton Cummings and Alan Thicke
1984 Toronto Joe Flaherty and Andrea Martin
1985 Toronto Andrea Martin and Martin Short
1986 Toronto Howie Mandel
1987 Toronto Howie Mandel
1989 Toronto Andre-Philippe Gagnon
1990 Toronto Rick Moranis
1991 Vancouver Paul Shaffer
1992 Toronto Rick Moranis
1993 Toronto Celine Dion
1994 Toronto Roch Voisine
1995 Hamilton This Hour Has 22 Minutes Cast
1996 Hamilton Anne Murray
1997 Hamilton Jann Arden
1998 Vancouver Jason Priestley
1999 Hamilton Mike Bullard
2000 Toronto The Moffatts
2001 Hamilton Rick Mercer
2002 St. John’s Barenaked Ladies
2003 Ottawa Shania Twain
2004 Edmonton Alanis Morissette
2005 Winnipeg Brent Butt
2006 Halifax Pamela Anderson
2007 Saskatoon Nelly Furtado
2008 Calgary Russell Peters
2009 Vancouver Russell Peters
2010 St. John’s None
2011 Toronto Drake
2012 Ottawa TBA
2013 Regina TBA

As you can see, in the beginning, for feasibility, the show was held in Toronto. In 1991, for the first time, the gala was held elsewhere–in Vancouver. With bigger budgets, it is now being held in various cities. The JUNOs were broadcast on CBC up until 2002 when CTV took over. In general, they prefer big name stars to help draw viewing audiences. So, I’m guessing they’re considering Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, Rachel McAdams, Nickelback, Ellen Page, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Avril Lavigne, Wayne Gretzky, and Jim Carrey.

I prefer the idea of a lesser name star.

Because our blog has a policy of giving priority to promoting Asian and Aboriginal Canadians, it would be cool if a star from one of these realms appeared as emcee. Because the show is being held in Ottawa this year, it would be fitting, though not necessary, if an Ottawan served as host. It should be someone current (i.e. had a hit in the past couple of years). And, it would be preferable to have a fresh face, someone who hasn’t hosted before. One name who fits all of these comes to mind–Kristina Maria. Being from Vancouver though, I can’t help being a bit biased. I would seriously cry if the honours were given to Elise Estrada.

Who should host the JUNOs? What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Hosts of the JUNO Awards

  1. I predict they will ask Feist to host them. There seems to be a lot of media buzz about her these days. Not sure why.

  2. You may well be right. Without going too much into it, the media is most often manipulated by vested interests (both governmental and corporate) and fuelled by profit. Many people comment on how they build up a celebrity just to bring him down later. This is because they are more concerned with attracting maximum attention (to sell their stories) than with doing the right thing. When a celebrity has a good chance of moving from middle ground into superstardom, the press likes to hype them. Once they become superstars, watch the press do an about-face and begin the negative smear campaign. I won’t mention any names of Canadian celebrities for which this has happened – you know who. This is not to say that those who work in the media are bad people but that the system design by which the press operates is substantially flawed.

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