Bieber, Brody, and Kristina Maria All at #1

Justin Bieber has broken a record.  No, no, we don’t mean that the Biebs has snapped a CD in half.

In 2005, Neilson SoundScan began tracking digital downloads.  Until now, the record holder for the number of digital downloads in a week was Lady Gaga.  Her single “Born This Way” received 53,000 downloads in Canada back in February 2011.  With his new single “Boyfriend”, Justin Bieber has broken that record with 55,000 downloads last week.  The song has debuted on the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 at #1.  Bieber has never scored a #1 hit in Canada.  His previous best was “Baby” which made it to #3.  Bieber also becomes the 5th Canadian artist to score a #1 single on the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 since the chart began in 2007.  He is the first male solo artist to do so.  Congratulations are no doubt in order.

In the realm of country music, Dean Brody is #1 with his single “Canadian Girls”.  He is the first Canadian artist to top the Billboard country charts in 4 years.  Like Bieber, Brody’s previous personal best was #3 with “Trail in Life”.

With her debut album, Tell the World, out in less than a week, Kristina Maria has topped the Canadian Billboard Emerging Canadian Artists ranking with the steady climb up the charts of her “Our Song Comes On”.