Hey Bombshell: Canada’s Answer to One Direction

One Direction, The Backstreet Boys, Westlife, The Wanted, NSYNC, Boyzone… these popular boy bands have one thing in common—they are not Canadian.  The boy band arrangement has seldom come into fruition in the Great White North because most boys are out playing hockey I suppose.  But in oil, engineering, and ranch based Calgary, four lads decided to give it a go attracting the attention of producer/hit-maker Adam Hurstfield of XOXO Entertainment in Vancouver.  Adam invited the boys to the coast and signed them.  A series of promotional activities followed involving the assistance of label mates Elise and Emmalyn Estrada.

They settled on Hey Bombshell as their name and a concept and began writing and recording some slick pop tunes.  Hoping to appeal with their youthful good looks and ear-dazzling harmonies, they are breaking out with their brand new track “The Single Life” which has been picked up by radio stations; a music video has finished production and has been launched today.  Although keeping their music radio friendly and in line with the standard boy band sound, the quartet is working on developing their own unique style.

Hey Bombshell consists of Myles Bombshell, Colton Bombshell, Dennis Bombshell, and Jay Bombshell. Their male fans are known as “Bombers” and female fans as “Bombshells”.

Check out Hey Bombshell’s Official Website.
You can watch “The Single Life” music video HERE.
Download “The Single Life” on iTunes HERE.