Anjulie’s Got Her Headphones On

It is becoming increasingly difficult these days to find pop stars who write their own songs. There are millions of good singers around the world, but few who can, in addition to singing well, compose brilliant songs. It’s kind of like being able to score dazzling goals and also serve as an outstanding goaltender.

One of the few who can do both is JUNO-nominated, platinum-selling Canadian recording artist Anjulie.

She imbues her music with a rare and refreshing burst of energy, originality, and creativity that makes it exciting and a joy to listen to. Her music videos are intense, vibrant, and full of life.

It was Anjulie who wrote Kreesha Turner’s mega-hit “Don’t Call Me Baby” before scoring her own platinum single “Brand New Chick”. Anjulie followed up with the gorgeous “Stand Behind the Music“. With a new studio album in the works, she has now released brand new single “Headphones”.

For the life of me, I cannot get over Anjlie’s talent. She’s absolutely amazing.