The Small Town Pistols Sound Like Metropolitan Cannons

Small Town PistolsThe Wilkinsons were a JUNO-winning country music trio from the Ontario town of Trenton (north shore of Lake Ontario, just west of Belleville). The band assembled in 1997 consisting of lead singer Amanda, her brother Tyler, and their father Steve. They released their debut album the following year, Nothing But Love. Hits like “26 Cents” and “Fly” helped the album reach gold certification. They released a few more albums in the new millennium and won the JUNO for country group of the year in 2001. They disbanded in the late 2000s and brother and sister Tyler and Amanda subsequently formed a duo called The Small Town Pistols. Their single “Living on the Outside” made the Canadian Hot 100 in mid-January 2013 and they were on tour with Dean Brody. They have followed up by releasing their first (self-titled) album.

To sum up, this is one album capable of impressing even those who do not normally appreciate country music, offering energetic power ballads and a more upbeat country-rock flavour. With a full, lush sound, it’s a straight-shooting blast that fires past a mule-dragged wagon on a stony path like a low-flying supersonic jet. Just about every track is a potential hit yielding a rich harvest of beautiful harmonies, striking bass, dazzling guitar work, and sensational composition. The Small Town Pistols have unleased a metropolitan cannon and Amanda and Ty qualify for the title Bachman and Cummings of country music.

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