Meaghan Smith Has a Brave Heart

Meaghan Smith - Have a HeartLondon’s Meaghan Smith has boldly channelled her signature vintage style into the field of popular music on third album, Have a Heart. Back in 2009, Meaghan succeeded in attracting attention (and a JUNO Award) for trudging off the beaten path and making antique flavoured music in The Crickets Orchestra. Five years later, she faced a dilemna: does she continue the same vibe running the risk of things going stale or go mainstream and possibly lose a number of her core fans? She has played it smart by combining the vintage with the modern.

Generally, we hear the former in the writing and the latter in the production. More accurately, though, while all contain elements of both, some of the individual tracks veer more towards the classic and others towards the current. The best example of the latter is perhaps the title-track, a Hot 100 charting single. Our favourite example of the former is “The Moon Makes a Fool of Me” which greets us like a freshly built barbershop but with 60-year-old décor. “Je t’aime” oozes with lush beauty. Finger-snapper “Friends Like You” swings with vintage glory while being perked up by some bass synth. Booming anthem “Mirror” is another standout track, and the album includes an acoustic version of it. Making Have a Heart may have been a bold move for Meaghan Smith, but it sure has paid off in the final analysis. Lyric video for “Friends Like You” embedded below.  iTunes