Concerto Rock Heralds New EP by Le Couleur

Le Couleur - Concerto RockThe Montreal sweethearts of Le Couleur are following up their press-acclaimed EP Voyage Love with a new one entitled Dolce Désir, set for release in Canada, France, Germany, and Japan in February 2015. Track “Concerto Rock” is out now complete with a music video. The new single is described as falling somewhere between Italo disco and electro-pop anchoring Le Couleur as the dance floor captain while lead singer Laurence Giroux-Do caresses the ears, analogue synths electrify the spine, and the bass groove gets the feet shuffling. The MV was crafted using entirely pre-digital technology and presents a psychedelic kaleidoscope of imagery. The band plans to perform in Montreal, Toronto, and New York with tours in Europe and Asia in the works for 2015. The new EP will be available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats.  iTunes