Maya Rae’s “I’m Still Waiting For Christmas”

Maya Rae - I'm Still Waiting For ChristmasLondon award-winning composer Steven Hardy states on his Twitter, “A long time ago, Celine Dion almost recorded one of my songs. It’s been downhill ever since.” This is a modest statement coming from a man who has won two SOCAN songwriting awards, has had his music featured in a variety of domestic and international television programs, performed at jazz festivals in both Canada and Europe, and been recorded by the likes of Murray McLauchlan and John McDermott. But with his recent Christmas composition, Steven feels that it is time to invest in the future.

Maya Rae is a 12-year-old singing wonder from Metro Vancouver, passionate about music whether jazz, folk, soul, blues, or rock. She has recorded spine-tingling covers of songs by Heart, Joni Mitchell, Jason Mraz, and the Dixie Chicks. You wouldn’t believe that the voice is coming from someone so young. When Steven Hardy discovered her via a Facebook jazz group, he knew he had to have her voice grace one of his songs. That original Christmas song is “I’m Still Waiting For Christmas”. As you can see from the photo, Maya gives it two thumbs up. Maya Rae is set to follow in the footsteps of young trailblazers like Nikki Yanofsky to become one of Canada’s leading voices and is sure to spark a writing frenzy among the finest of composers.

We have embedded Maya Rae’s “I’m Still Waiting For Christmas” below via SoundCloud. You can also check out her website, YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter. The single is available on iTunes.