Allie X Marks Collxtion I

Allie-X-Collxtion-IEnigmatic figure Allie X became a local celebrity in Toronto contributing songs to film and television and dabbling in music theatre. She is now based in Los Angeles, USA. Allie learned the ropes of sound production and released single “Catch” which did fairly well on the Hot 100, reaching a peak position of #55. It even got a stamp of approval from superstar Katy Perry. After tweaking the atmospherics in keeping with her vision, Allie dressed up her early songs and some new ones and released mini album Collxtion I. Though essentially pop, it has touches of experimentalism and creativity, making her somewhat of a modern Kate Bush, hence alternative pop might serve as a better description. She has a great voice, and the hooks and synth textures work well making this one of the better pop albums of 2015.  iTunes