Matt Tomlinson Launches His Debut Franco LP

Matt Tomlinson - Un ete en hiverOriginally from Ontario, Matt Tomlinson decided at some point to relocate to Montreal. Groomed like a madman animated by an Italian spirit, he fumbled his way through picking up the French language until it became decent enough to craft Franco music. He tested the waters with EPs and now releases his debut full-length Franco album, Un été en hiver. He describes his music as “cinematic indie folk”, which to our ears is pretty accurate. His vocals are pleasant to the ears, the production is on the mark for what he does, and his songwriting is grand enough to fill his contemporaries with oceans of envy. Overall, the spirit of the music is complex, earnest, reflective, and melancholy. He makes good use of chords, throwing in lots of minors. Though the whole LP flows with wonderful tunes, we feel a standout would be the beautifully done “Aussi loin que la lune” drenched in atmosphere and building to a magnificent climax. Matt Tomlinson’s Un été en hiver is one of the best albums of 2015. iTunes