Headlines for Early June 2015: C-Day, G.R.L., and Together We Are One

Canada Day Performers

There will be a number of performers on Canada Day in various cities. The main extravaganza will of course take place on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Performers will include Andee, The Bishop Grandin Marching Ghosts, Francesco Yates, Gord Bamford, The Jerry Cans, Jonas & the Massive Attraction, Magic!, and Marc Dupré. Winnipeg’s Cassidy Mann will sing the national and royal anthems.

Future of G.R.L. Appears Dim

600full-emmalyn-estradaThere is speculation that international girl group G.R.L. which includes fabulous Canadian singer Emmalyn Estrada has disbanded. An initial public sign was a tweet from member Lauren Bennett which thanked fans for riding with the group through the tough times. “I know it’s all a bit confusing but I love you all, and care never forget,” she said. Both Emmalyn and Paula changed their Twitter handles to exclude association with GRL. It has been a rough ride for the girls since Simone Battle’s puzzling and tragic death. Earlier this year, the four remaining members released international Top 40 hit single “Lighthouse” dedicated to the fallen member.

G.R.L was originally formed in 2011 by Pussycat Dolls’ founder Robin Antin and managed by Larry Rudolph. In 2014, the girls released their first and only EP to date, which included hit single “Ugly Heart”. Dr. Luke and Canada’s Henry “Cirkut” Walter were behind production and songwriting. Whatever happens, we wish the four girls all the best in their future careers.

Pan Am Games Theme Song

Previously we mentioned that Serena Ryder’s voice decks the theme song for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto. Here’s some more detail on the anthem. “Together We Are One” was written by Murray Daigle, Jasmine Denham, and Bobby John. The composition was selected from 70 submissions. A total of seventeen artists perform on the song. It has been recorded in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. Serena handles the Anglo version, aforementioned writer Jasmine the Franco version, and Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila the Spanish language version. Translation credits: from English to French – Diane Cadieux and from English to Spanish – Celia Palli. Currently, Serena’s Anglo version is available on iTunes.

Get Emotional!

We leave you with the official track listing of Carly Rae Jepsen’s upcoming album, Emotion, she unveiled a couple hours ago:

Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion track listing