Spotlight on 2015’s Dancefloor Anthem of the Year

The United Kingdom is currently caught in the throes of a throwback to house music, popular here during the late 80s – early 90s. The United States is in a full bloom love affair with the dance-funk vibes hailing back to George Clinton’s pioneering work in the 1970s. Canada, while making contributions to both, has been moving forward, concocting a style of dance music that is fresh and infectious. One of the founding fathers of modern Canadian dance-pop is the genius Ryan Stewart. His signature sound of toots and bells animating thumping beats and captivating melodies catapulted artists like Carly Rae Jepsen and Victoria Duffield to superstardom. Modern Canadian dance music owes much of its goodness and success to the wonderful and vibrant Italian Canadian community, as it was Candi and the Backbeat who really got the momentum going a few decades ago. All this brings us to the following jewel.

Every Last Chance Marissa Dattoli - SpotlightRyan Stewart has teamed up with promotion company Frontside to form label Go Records Go which signed Vancouver-based pop act Every Last Chance. Earlier this year, the single “Spotlight” (not to be confused with the Rachel Woznow track of the same name) was released. The song features the beautiful vocals of Marissa Dattoli, lead singer of rising Ontario band Crystalyne. “Spotlight” is a shoe-in for our year-end best tracks list. It contains an irresistible progression and is decked with nice details: the aforementioned toots and bells, the ground-shaking beat, the euphoric melody, and the smooth vocal delivery. The single houses both a full-length version of the song and radio edit. The track was featured in this week’s Nielsen Music Canada newsletter and is being picked up by CHR radio stations nationwide. “Spotlight” is simply brilliant. Check out the official lyric video below.  iTunes