Love Life Puts Tamia at the Top of the Game

Tamia-Love-Life-2015-1200x1200Many would agree with the statement that Canadians like R&B whereas Americans love R&B. That may be a partial explanation as to why Windsor, Ontario’s Tamia is, in some ways, better known States-side. However, given the quick embrace Canucks gave to The Weeknd, there is no reason for Tamia (recording since 1998) to remain anything short of an A-lister in the Great White North, especially given her new Def Jam album Love Life, an album which, in any genre, stands as 2015’s best work. It is, for lack of a better word, a masterpiece and currently sits at #12 on U.S. iTunes. Tamia does have 5 JUNO nominations to her credit. Although no gold/platinum certifications have come her way, 2003’s “Officially Missing You” peaked at #31 on the Canadian Singles Chart. In 1998, two of her songs reached the Top 40 of the Billboard American Hot 100, one going gold there, and her 2000 album A Nu Day went gold as well in the U.S.

The expert songstress is giving it all she has and going for the jugular of success on her newly released, big, anthem-drenched album Love Life. You will hear the finest examples of all elements of the recording process: writing, singing, arrangement, and production. There is not a weak moment on the entire disc; every track oozes with class and charm. Deep grooves, nocturnal ambiance, romantic vibes, and warm sparkles abound. The songs contain meticulously crafted, catchy details like little electronic riffs which make the music highly engaging. Even if R&B is not your cup of tea, we guarantee that this excellent work will win you over. Tamia’s Love Life is one of the finest R&B albums ever to proceed from a Canadian artist.  iTunes