How Are We Doing? A Look at Global Music Markets

There is a scene from the Jack Nicholson movie As Good As It Gets when his character is putting a dog in the kennel. He asks them not to put it in with the large dog but the smaller one because it will build his confidence. The unwise habit of comparing Canada with the world’s biggest music market does little for our confidence.

Canadian recording artists who tour the world for the first time are no doubt taken aback when artists abroad greet them with, “Whoa. You’re from Canada. If only we could score a hit single in Canada.”

Out of 196 countries, Canada’s music market ranks 7th. We really are huge which is why recording artists from countries who even have much larger populations would love to crack the Canadian market.

Below is IFPI data for the year 2014 on the world’s Top 20 music markets. Notable changes from the past are that Germany has surpassed the United Kingdom to take over 3rd spot. South Korea which used to be 10th is now 8th. Although Australia has a much lower population than Canada, per capita spending on music is greater which is why they are ahead of us.

2014 music markets