Selected New Releases 23 June 2015

23 jun 2015 releases

Fiona Bevan is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in the UK. Her wonderful album Talk to Strangers was released on the eastern Atlantic last year and has just now come out in Canada. Busty and the Bass gives us one of the better urban releases this year; we were quite taken aback by the quality of album GLAM which has some R&B singing as well as rapping. A new live various Canadian artists compilation has hit the market, all players specializing in world music; the Franco title is Les Syli d’Or de la musique du Monde 2015. Previously capping off his Hakate trilogy, exceptional jazz artist Thomas Carbou adds bonus album Other Colours of Hekate. Blues enthusiasts can dig Treat Her Right from The Stephen Barry Band. All the above artists aside from Fiona are from Montreal. A couple of new singles from high profile artists join the albums. The pop-punk superstars of Simple Plan reinvent the Bay City Rollers with new song “Saturday”. The multiplatinum band is expected to release an album later this year. Golden synthpop star LIGHTS is featured in the Bogeous track “Zero Gravity”.

Releases usually slow down a bit during July and August picking up again in September. We will continue to keep you updated on new music. Remember that beginning July 10, release day will switch from Tuesdays to Fridays.