Toronto’s For Esmé Is For “You”

For Esme - YouToronto trio For Esmé consisting of Martha Meredith, Dave Thiel, and Nathan Crook, describes its style as electro-organic dream pop. The group released a self-titled album in 2013 and is expected to follow that up with Sugar later this year. Singles “Just Yet” and “You” have already graced 2015. The band’s brand of choice, raw synth pop would have excited the spinners over at CBC’s Brave New Waves or the Peel Sessions at BBC Radio One back in the day. But perhaps it was necessary for the hosts of alternative vibes to step aside to allow things on the side to shift to the mainstream.

For Esmé depicts its sound as encompassing both “light and dark, nouveau and nostalgia, deftly crafted poetry and hook-driven pop”. The poetry explores issues pertinent to “an image-conscious generation, embracing beauty while provoking an honest exchange of identity and inner voice.”

We look forward to Sugar and in the meantime can enjoy the new singles. The music video for “You”, now airing on Much Music is embedded below.  iTunes