Lexi Strate’s “Antidote” MV

Lexi Strate - Antidote

lexi strate

You meet someone, initially just wanting a ride. Things get romantic, but you realize the person is nothing but trouble, and two weeks later it’s over. However, you find yourself having difficulty getting that person out of your mind. You hide a personal possession of his to create an excuse for him to come back for a visit. You just can’t find a rational explanation as to why you keep going back to Mr. Trouble.

Yes, it’s that toxic relationship where that one who makes your heart skip a beat is both the antidote to your woes as well as the poison in your veins. Beyond that, the person becomes your poison just so that he gets to apply the antidote. He makes you cry so hard just so he can kiss it better.

Most of us have probably ended up in some kind of relationship like this, and Alberta’s Lexi Strate spells it all out in her newly released music video for “Antidote” one of the most delicious pop songs of the year. The Canadian recording artist even steals some thunder from Katy Perry in the picturesque production with a white picket fence and bow in her hair. It’s charming, it’s smart, it’s funny, and most importantly it’s garnished with the beauty of Lexi’s unique, spicy vocals. All this, and she’s just getting started. We love it! iTunes