Atlantic Divide: 2015 Hits in the UK Versus Canada

shawn mendes jess glynne

Commonwealth status under the queen has its perks but it would appear not when it comes to the music industry. Buckingham Palace is no match for the great Atlantic divide, as hit singles in one country get sunk by icebergs en route across the ocean. With all of Hedley’s success in Canada, the band can boast no hit single in the UK. On the other hand, take Katy B, a Top 5 artist in Britain under Sony Music UK. Her last album Little Red is unavailable at HMV Canada and selling for $44 as an import at Amazon. You would think Sony Music Canada would help launch her career and get her CDs pressed in the Great White North, especially given house music’s comeback thanks to Kiesza, but no. Blame whatever you like — record company red tape, radio preferences in both countries to air American songs heavily promoted by the muscular U.S. media, etc. Below are the 6 most successful British singles in the UK in 2015 (taken from the chart here to June 30) that failed to chart in Canada and the 6 biggest Canadian hits (Billboard Canadian Hot 100 peak position) here that were absentees on the British charts.

Hold My Hand Jess Glynne 1
Wish You Were Mine Philip George 2
Up Olly Murs 4
Gravity DJ Fresh 4
Say Something Karen Harding 7
When the Beat Drops Out Marlon Roudette 7
Something Big Shawn Mendes 11
Stitches Shawn Mendes 17
Rule the World Walk Off the Earth 22
Sound of Your Heart Shawn Hook 23
No Way No MAGIC 23
Bungalow Scott Helman 31