The Old Wolf and The Acorn

The Acorn - Vieux LoupDescribing its music as “valley soul”, Ottawa’s The Acorn was birthed by Rolf Klausener in 2002. Inspired by the close proximity to the urban centre of the rural pastures of the Ottawa valley, electronica and folk were joined giving the music a rustic-modern feel. Debut album The Pink Ghosts materialized in 2004 and followup Glory Hope Mountain, which explored Central American folklore, was Polaris nominated in 2008. No Ghost appeared in 2010. Latest album is 2015’s Vieux Loup, the fruit of 3 years of writing and experimenting with various mixtures of “dark electro soul” and “minimalist dirge folk”. It is a hypnotic work of art that stands out among 2015 releases. We have embedded video for track “Cumin” below which will give you a taste.  iTunes