Diemonds Never Wanna Die

Diemonds Never Wanna Die1JUNO award winning producer Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Monster Truck), Underground Operations (the label that brought us Lights and Protest The Hero), and eOne Music Canada have joined forces with Toronto metal band Diemonds in latest album Never Wanna Die due out August 14, 2015. This is an early review. Diemonds is fronted by superb female vocalist Priya Panda who heartily belts out anthems that speak directly to the misfits of civilization upholding their honour. You won’t find any unsavory screaming on this heavy metal record, just powerful, handsome female vocals welded onto rock-splitting guitars and frenzied drumming that crank up the g-forces taking one’s adrenaline on a thrilling ride. These are well-written tunes that spark out plenty of laser fast guitar solos. The production intelligently erases the seam between classic and modern hard rock; fans of both the old and new schools should be pleased with this. Never Wanna Die is one album worth buying as a whole containing no shortage of standout tracks. Need to dry off after a shower? Forget the towels and blow driers. Put this on for instant results! Wonderful album.  iTunes