..How to Sell Records

cdcllctn3Here’s an idea we came across which sounds effective from what we have observed. In a consumer-based, materialistic, instant society, many (we didn’t say all) people will get the format that is first available and easiest to obtain and will be unwilling to wait. Based on this principle, below is an idea of how to release music to maximize sales. Many would rather fork over the dough for the CD to have it now than wait a month to purchase individual tracks. These days, when artists release all the best songs as singles first and then follow that with an album, it stands to reason that album sales will be low. Releasing an album in different countries at different times is also a bad move as those from the country wherein the album is first released will upload it onto platforms like YouTube from which those from other countries will rip it to MP3.

These days things are practically being done the opposite way, which obviously isn’t working, from the 6-point recommendation below . We imagine the suggested two week periods may be experimented on and adjusted accordingly for best results. At first we questioned the wisdom of CD before whole digital (iTunes cut versus cost of manufacturing compact discs and retail cut?), but we realized that this may help bring back more record shops which are becoming scarce. It is becoming increasingly difficult too to find albums on CD, even best-sellers. The 1141 kbps is much better quality than the 256 on iTunes.

1. Keep album off all streaming services, including YouTube.

2. Don’t release an album after several singles, only one or none.

3. Release album on CD with effective accompanying promotion.

4. Release album in all countries at the same time.

5. Two weeks later, release album digitally as a whole without individual tracks available.

6. Two weeks after that, make individual tracks available on digital platforms.