What Genres of Music Are Being Made Most in Canada?

Music is like food. Some will eat anything while others are picky eaters. A healthy music scene, like a banquet, is one that has as much variety as possible as all have different tastes. Most of us will try at least several dishes (genres) and enjoy them all. A few might just eat one or two dishes. Some dishes will be far more popular than others. We imagine the chocolate cake would rank high while something like escargot may rank low. Does this mean that all should make chocolate cake? While the most popular, few would attend a banquet if that was all that was offered. Does it mean that no-one should make escargot? Not necessarily. There may be a couple of people that hold it as their absolute favourite. Each artist has to decide what kind of music they want to make. Some artists will go with what kind of music they personally like. Others will go with the genre that they are good at even if they don’t particularly like it. Others will make what they feel will sell well. Each artist has the freedom to decide.

All that aside, what genres of music are being made in Canada? Based on all 363 LPs that have been released so far in 2015, we have created a pie chart based on the genres of those albums. Take it with a grain of salt as what sounds like blues to one may sound like rock to another. At what point does pop become dance or R&B? Where is the line drawn between punk and metal? It’s all very subjective. But we do see a bit of a pattern emerging which shows that when it comes to making music, Canadian artists’ primary two genres of choice are folk/singer-songwriter and alternative. Alternative is distinct from rock and pop. It can be more experimental or more electronic (or both). Singer-songwriter is in fact folk, but folk we think of as a more traditional style of singer-songwriter. Interestingly dance LPs are scarcely made in Canada. However, dance EPs and singles are more common. Pop songs usually get remixed with stronger beats more suitable for club play. The “other” category includes children’s, OST/musical, and reggae.

Canadian Albums by Genre