Words of Encouragement from Britain’s Gary Numan

Electronic rock pioneer Gary Numan who scored global ripper “Cars” back in 1979/80 recently posted a photo of one of his band Tubeway Army’s earliest reviews by a music critic which we have embedded below. Numan addresses new artists with the words, “Never let an opinion stop you from doing what you love. A year after this review we were UK Number 1, and I’m now working on my 21st album.” The UK #1 was of course “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” which arguably began the entire 80s new wave/synth pop trend, beginning in the UK and spreading globally, that continues to influence music today. Gary ended up doing work in the early 80s with the late, great Nash the Slash from Canadian synth pioneer outfit FM. These days, there are still many wet blankets like Robin Smith out there. Numan humorously adds regarding the critique, “Still don’t have any grandchildren though.”

Gary Numan early review