Album Releases by Provincial Origin of Artist

We have tracked 373 Canadian albums released in 2015 to date. That is quite a few. One may wonder where all these artists are coming from in the land of 36 million people. We have traced the provincial origin of the artist behind each album — not where the artist is based (chances are that would be Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, or abroad) but where the artist grew up. If it is a band or duo, where did the group form? The results are presented in the pie chart below. Given the big populations in Ontario and Quebec, that most artists are from those two is not surprising. That BC and Alberta follow is not a shocker either. However, look at what province comes next. It is not Saskatchewan or Manitoba, but Nova Scotia. There are more Nova Scotians making music than either Saskatchewaners or Manitobans! Considering per capita album releases, the territories would rank 1st followed by PEI, then Nova Scotia. Quebec would rank fourth. Alberta would rank last. We will do a similar analysis at the end of the year on all 2015 albums which should give a more accurate picture.

Canadian albums by Artist Origin