When Stars Collide

We just love to see the stars together. Living in different cities, and often on tour around the world, it is not that easy for recording artists to meet save at awards shows. We have collected some choice photos of encounters. Some are Canadians meeting Canadians, some are Canadians meeting international artists, and we have also snuck one in that is purely international. See if you can name them all. We have given each photo a hint. Answers at the very bottom.


Victoria Duffield Janet Jackson

Break My Heart When I Think of You…


Sarah McLachlan Serena Ryder

Harmony is Surfacing…


Wanting with Alan Tam

Wanting to be always 25 years old…


Kristina Maria with MAGIC

Rude Karma!


Shawn Hook Francesco Yates

It really is Better To Be Loved a Million Ways!


Lexi Strate and The Arkells

Takin’ Chances with a Leather Jacket


City and Colour with Metric

Fantasies of a Green City…


Andee with Cody Simpson

A Surfers Paradise is Never Gone


Jess Moskaluke Paul Brandt

They’re an Open Road!


Gary Numan's daughter Raven Meets Katy Perry

Cars’ daughter Roars

Answers: 1 – Victoria Duffield and Janet Jackson. 2 – Serena Ryder and Sarah McLachlan. 3 – Wanting Qu and Alan Tam. 4 – Kristina Maria and MAGIC!. 5 – Shawn Hook and Francesco Yates. 6 – Lexi Strate and Arkells. 7 – City and Colour with Metric. 8 – Cody Simpson and Andee. 9 – Jess Moskaluke and Paul Brandt. 10 – (tough one!) This is Gary Numan’s daughter Raven with Katy Perry.