Mylène Farmer Is Among the Stars in a Stolen Car

Mylene Farmer with Sting - Stolen CarQueen of new wave, Mylène Farmer, will be releasing her 10th studio album Interstellaires November 6. Because of jus soli birthright citizenship recognized in Canadian law, as in most American countries, Mylène Farmer became a Canadian citizen at birth, and we are absolutely claiming her. (She was born in Pierrefonds, QC). Mylène has sold an estimated 30 million records in France alone. Lately she has been dabbling in EDM and always happy to collaborate with other artists including Moby. Heralding the new album is a collaboration with Sting (ex-Police frontman) on his previous song “Stolen Car”. Featuring Mylène’s heavenly Franco vocals along with Sting’s dry Anglo coo, the single hit #1 on iTunes France last month. A number of dance remixes have been done to keep the clubbers happy.  iTunes