Rosie Valland Debuts From Before

rosie valland - partir avant1

Originally from Saint-Césaire, QC, just east of Montreal, Rosie Valland follows up her acclaimed EP from last year with her debut full-length album. The EP saw a number of tracks featured in television series. Rosie studied music post-secondary and in 2012 was a finalist in the renowned International Song Festival of Granby. The new album is Partir avant and contains rich, atmospheric singer-songwriter tunes, a little reminiscent of Salomé Leclerc but perhaps on the lighter side. Her beautiful voice seeks in the poetry to uncover some secrets of the universe as well as explore some home-turf geography while overcoming the torments of love. The spellbinding melancholy and occasional eeriness help build clouds of mystery which keep the ears engaged. Standout tracks to us would be “Olympe”, “St-Denis”, and “Rebound”. Through this brilliant work of art, Rosie Valland joins the growing elite of young, creative, Canadian geniuses. Partir avant is one of the best albums of 2015.  iTunes