Yuuwii & Weiwen Better the “Good For You” Original

Canadian sweethearts the Choow sisters (Yuuwii & Weiwen) have been posting video covers on their YouTube channel since December 7, 2008, nearly seven years ago! Their first was “Faded” by The Veronicas. Though they had a knack for it from the beginning, it is interesting to see the progression over the course of their career. Their beautiful voices have attracted a strong following. A few of their videos have amassed views in the six-digit range, the most popular being “Still Into You” by Paramore at over 665,000.

The latest offering from Yuuwii & Weiwen is a cover of Selena Gomez’s “Good For You” which is up for purchase on iTunes. By slowing it down a little, stripping the music down to piano and beats only, and putting more soul into the vocals, we think the cover betters the original. Wishing these super cool girls great success.  iTunes