Headlines and Footdots for End of Summer 2015

If It Bleeds It Leads: Power in the Blood Wins the Polaris Prize

Buffy Sainte-Marie - power in the bloodBuffy Sainte-Marie has won the $50,000 Polaris Prize for her adult alternative album Power in the Blood. The Polaris Prize’s mission statement is to award an album on artistic merit regardless of genre; however, the only genre of music represented on its nominated albums each year, for the most part, is alternative with perhaps one token rap album. You will not find much in the way of pop, rock, country, jazz, classical, adult contemporary, reggae, world music, roots, and others.

Determined by a panel of media players, it is not surprising that albums and artists selected are usually those who stir up controversy. Controversy attracts attention and therefore sponsorship, as it sells advertising. It is interesting too that the unspoken mission statement of the media is, “if it bleeds, it leads”. Consider the title of Buffy’s album. In all fairness however, musically speaking, the album is quite good, and the Polaris folks unlike others pay more attention to both Francophone and Aboriginal works in general which we deem their saving grace.

ADISQ to Announce Félix Nominations Tomorrow

Felix TrophyThe music industry of Quebec organized its own awards ceremony starting in 1979 originally as a grievance towards the JUNOs’ lack of representation of Franco music and/or Quebec artists both in terms of nominations as well as performances at the gala. These days, most provinces hold their own music awards, but there is no question that the ADISQ gala takes the cake in terms of its importance. Like the JUNOs, there will be two galas, the main one held after the other. The other gala, when most awards will be given out, will be held October 27 and the main gala November 8. We will post some of the nominations on the site and strive to make the goings on more accessible to Anglophones.

Brett Kissel Is #1

Brett Kissel - AirwavesFlat Lake Albertan Brett Kissel has topped Canadian country airplay with hit song “Airwaves”, recently declared his first gold single. This follows his performance of the song at the CCMA gala which saw television ratings increase from last year. So far in 2015, Dallas Smith was the only Canadian to top the country charts with “Wastin’ Gas”. None did last year. In 2013, Gord Bamford and Dean Brody scored back-to-back number ones with “When Your Lips Are So Close” and “Bounty” respectively. Brett Kissel is also featured on Yoan, the top selling Canadian album to date this year.

Kiesza on Duran Duran’s Latest Album

Duran Duran Perform On NBC's "Today"

In the 60s, they screamed for The Beatles, in the 70s The Bay City Rollers, and in the 80s, it was Duran Duran. The British new wave group is still making music, and new album Paper Gods came out September 10. Although Simon LeBon is a competent vocalist, the band decided to bring in some current artists to guest on vocals. Canada’s own Kiesza is one of them. The Calgary house songstress is featured in the album’s second most popular track, “Last Night in the City”.

Drake Releases a Surprise Album with Future

Forget Mr. Skywalker, you’ll find that Drake is full of surprises. Unannounced, he suddenly released a new collaboration album on iTunes titled What a Time to Be Alive. The Toronto rapper’s partner in crime on this is U.S. rapper Future. The album immediately shot up to #1 on iTunes. Drake recently struck a pose with New Zealand’s pure heroine.

lorde and drake