Salomé Leclerc Dazzles Fans in Belgium

Salome Leclerc grand place

Canadian singer-songwriter Salomé Leclerc recently performed at the Grand Place public square in Brussels, Belgium. She is up for two awards at the annual ADISQ gala which celebrates the best music being made in the Canadian province of Quebec, the bulk of which is Franco. Her second album 27 fois l’aurore has been nominated for both Alternative Album of the Year as well as for Critically Acclaimed Album of the Year. The album made a number of year-end Top 10 lists for 2014 including ours. It is a remarkable work of art.  iTunes

Salome Leclerc 2

Salomé states that she had been in Brussels in 2012 but more as a tourist and though suffering from some jet lag was happy to play at such an impressive venue. She affirms that it is very difficult for Canadian Francophones to export their music to Europe aside from the odd one such as Coeur de Pirate. Salomé says she was pleased with the recognition her debut album gave her in Canada but for her sophomore effort wanted to try something a bit different and moved from more of a folk sound to an electro touch and was inspired by Beach House, Atoms for Peace, and James Blake in making the record. Salomé Leclerc will be performing at spectacles across Canada starting next month. Check her website for more details:

salome leclerc - 27 fois l'aurore