City and Colour’s If I Should Go Before You

city and colour - if i should go before youAssuredly one of our top talents, Dallas Green, returns under his alias City and Colour, to deliver his fifth studio album, If I Should Go Before You, and it’s a good one. Two of his previous albums have achieved platinum certification: 2008’s Bring Me Your Love and 2013’s The Hurry and the Harm. Although his style of music, an amalgam of folk, blues, indie rock, and alternative, could not be classified as mainstream, he has placed nine songs on the Billboard Hot 100, including Top 40 hit, “Waiting”. City and Colour’s debut album, 2005’s Sometimes, won the JUNO for Alternative Album of the Year. He has won two further JUNOs as Songwriter of the Year in 2009 and 2012. Dallas has always been able to craft a good tune and has charmed many with his angelic, high-register vocals. The new album is a little heavier and denser than previous works with bold atmospherics at times and is, as one would have come to expect by now, solid throughout. A nice touch are undercurrents that freely switch direction from roots and country grooves to ominous progressive rock.  iTunes